Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 Grind & Brew Coffee Maker


Elevate your coffee experience with the Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 Automatic Coffeemaker Grind & Brew, a 12-cup glass carafe coffee maker that redefines the at-home brewing experience. This sleek, black appliance features a built-in burr grinder for freshly ground beans, a programmable 24-hour timer, and an adjustable auto-shutoff function. The user-friendly control panel and customizable grind control cater to individual preferences. The gold-tone permanent filter and charcoal water filter always ensure a perfect, eco-friendly cup. Experience the convenience and superior taste of freshly ground and brewed coffee with the Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1.

The Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 Automatic Coffeemaker Grind & Brew a state-of-the-art kitchen essential for coffee enthusiasts who demand the perfect balance of convenience and quality. This elegant 12-cup glass carafe coffeemaker, wrapped in a sleek black design, redefines the at-home coffee brewing experience. It seamlessly combines the art of grinding fresh beans with the science of brewing, ensuring an impeccable cup of coffee with every use.

Built-in Burr Grinder

The Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 is the epitome of convenience. Its innovative Grind & Brew feature allows users to grind whole beans directly before brewing, preserving the oils and aromas that make freshly ground coffee delightful. With a built-in burr grinder, users can enjoy the freshest coffee possible without additional equipment or the hassle of manual grinding.

Programmable 24-hour Timer

This remarkable coffeemaker offers a fully programmable, 24-hour timer, ensuring that a perfect cup of coffee is ready when desired. Its intuitive Brew Pause feature allows users to enjoy a cup mid-brew without waiting for the entire pot to finish. Additionally, the adjustable auto-shutoff function provides added safety and energy-saving benefits, turning the machine off automatically after 0 to 4 hours.

12-cup Glass Carafe

The Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 boasts a 12-cup glass carafe with an ergonomic handle, dripless spout, and knuckle guard for a comfortable, mess-free pouring experience. The gold-tone commercial-style permanent filter eliminates the need for paper filters, making brewing more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Meanwhile, the charcoal water filter purifies tap water, removing impurities to ensure the best possible taste and aroma in every cup.

User-friendly Control Panel

With its user-friendly control panel, easy-to-read LCD, and simple push-button controls, the Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 makes brewing a perfect pot of coffee an effortless process. Moreover, its adjustable grind control allows users to customize the coarseness of their coffee grounds, catering to individual preferences and varied bean types.

The Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 Automatic Coffeemaker Grind & Brew is more than just a coffeemaker; it is a testament to Cuisinart’s commitment to innovation, convenience, and quality. It is the perfect companion for coffee connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike, bringing the unparalleled experience of freshly ground and brewed coffee into the comfort of their own homes. Elevate the morning routine and indulge in the rich, full-bodied flavor of coffee made with the exceptional Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1.

The Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 features a built-in burr grinder, which ensures a consistent grind size and better coffee flavor.

The grinder is easily removable for cleaning. Use a brush to remove coffee residue and hand-wash the grinder components with warm, soapy water.

Yes, the Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 has a 24-hour programmable timer, allowing you to set your desired brewing time in advance.

Yes, the coffeemaker comes with a warming plate to keep the coffee in the carafe hot for an extended period.

The brewing time varies depending on the coffee strength and grind size, but it typically takes around 10-15 minutes for a full 12-cup pot.

The Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 allows you to adjust the grind size to your preference, offering customizable coffee strength and flavor.

The coffeemaker comes with a gold-tone commercial-style permanent filter, eliminating the need for paper filters and making it more environmentally friendly.


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