ECM Synchronika Espresso Machine


Elevate your home espresso experience with the German-designed ECM Synchronika Espresso Machine, a dual boiler masterpiece for the home espresso enthusiast. With race car-inspired aesthetics and customizable hardwood elements, this machine offers a premium experience and unparalleled build quality. Featuring a rotary pump, E61 group head, built-in PID and shot timer, and the ability to be directly plumbed or run on its built-in reservoir, the ECM Synchronize allows you to create coffee shop-quality espresso at home. Enjoy commercial speed and quality steaming, customizable temperature control, and a 3-year warranty provided by Clive Coffee. Elevate your espresso ritual today!


The ECM Synchronika Espresso Machine is a German-designed marvel that embodies the pinnacle of espresso-making excellence. Crafted for the home espresso enthusiast seeking a premium experience and unrivaled build quality, the ECM Synchronika effortlessly transforms serving a dinner party into a delightful ritual as enjoyable as savoring your daily espresso.

Inspired by the aesthetics of race cars, the ECM Synchronika boasts subtle yet striking design elements, customizable with exquisite handmade hardwoods. The walnut variants include walnut joysticks with chrome, a chrome-accented brew lever, and a walnut portafilter. With a dual boiler, rotary pump, E61 group head, built-in PID, and shot timer, this versatile machine can be directly plumbed or operated using its built-in reservoir.

The ECM Synchronika sets the stage for a mesmerizing mechanical espresso experience that never wears out. Each element elevates your daily ritual from the steam joystick to the hefty portafilters and the satisfying chrome brew lever. Coupled with an adept espresso grinder, the ECM Synchronize allows you to pull shots that rival your favorite coffee shop, whether you prefer traditional Italian-style espresso or the more subtle, nuanced specialty style.

This powerful machine generates 2-bar steam pressure, ensuring commercial speed and quality even when steaming large quantities of milk. Its clean internals has earned our tech team’s blue ribbon, guaranteeing longevity and making it a worthy investment.

The ECM Synchronika Espresso Machine has various accessories, including single and double-spouted portafilters, stainless steel tamper, and double baskets. Additionally, courtesy of Clive, you’ll receive a Home Barista Starter Kit, Coffee School: Intro to Espresso, and a 3-year parts and labor warranty.

Manufactured in Italy and Germany, the ECM Synchronika features a PID display for individual temperature adjustment in both boilers, an optional group cleaning reminder, and an integrated shot timer. The ‘no-burn’ stainless steel steam and hot water arms, pump pressure gauge, and steam pressure gauge further enhance your espresso-making experience. The brew boiler has a .75L capacity, the steam boiler holds 2L, and the BPA-free reservoir has a 3L capacity with a low water sensor. The 42oz drip tray completes this exceptional package.

Experience the ultimate in-home espresso-making with the ECM Synchronika Espresso Machine, and elevate your daily ritual to extraordinary heights.


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