Elechomes 6L Humidifier for Bedroom UC5501


The Elechomes UC5501 6L Humidifier – is the ultimate solution for maintaining optimal humidity levels in your bedroom and beyond. This sleek, ultra-quiet warm and cool mist humidifier caters to your personal preferences and environmental needs all year round. Intelligent humidity sensors, customizable settings, and remote control access make it an intuitive and user-friendly choice. Perfect for promoting the well-being of your family, baby, and plants, the Elechomes UC5501 is the stylish and functional addition your home deserves. Experience the difference of customized comfort with this modern, high-performance humidifier.


Elechomes UC5501 Humidifier is a perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology, stunning design, and unparalleled performance, tailored to transform your bedroom into a haven of comfort and relaxation. With its sleek black exterior and 6-liter capacity, this ultra-quiet warm and cool mist humidifier offers a customizable solution for maintaining optimal humidity levels in your home, ensuring your family, baby, and plants’ well-being.

Say goodbye to dryness and discomfort with the Elechomes UC5501’s dual mist output. This versatile humidifier caters to your preferences and environmental needs, providing warm and cool mist options. The warm mist function is ideal for combating chilly winter months, while the cool mist offers soothing relief during sweltering summer days. Regardless of the season, the Elechomes UC5501 has you covered.

Humidity Sensor

Equipped with a state-of-the-art intelligent humidity sensor, the Elechomes UC5501 constantly monitors and adjusts the moisture output to maintain your desired humidity level. Its intuitive LED touchscreen panel and remote control allow you to effortlessly select your preferred settings, including a timer function that enables you to schedule the humidifier’s operation for up to 12 hours.

Quiet operation

Designed with your utmost comfort in mind, the Elechomes UC5501 features a whisper-quiet operation, making it the perfect companion for a peaceful night’s rest. Activate the sleep mode, and the humidifier will automatically adjust to the ideal humidity level for a restful slumber while the display screen gently dims to avoid disturbing your sleep.

Built With Safety in Mind

Safety is paramount with the Elechomes UC5501. Its robust construction and premium materials ensure long-lasting durability. At the same time, the auto shut-off feature prevents the device from operating when the water level is too low, eliminating the risk of overheating and damage. The humidifier’s user-friendly design also allows easy cleaning and refilling, promoting a hygienic and low-maintenance experience.

Comfortable Environment

The Elechomes UC5501 is a practical solution for maintaining a comfortable home environment and a stylish addition to any room. It’s modern black design and compact form seamlessly blend into your home decor, making it an attractive and functional accessory for your living space.

The Elechomes UC5501 6L Humidifier is an exceptional investment for enhancing indoor air quality, benefiting your overall health and well-being. From providing a comfortable environment for your baby to promoting the growth and vitality of your indoor plants, the Elechomes UC5501 is a versatile and indispensable addition to your home. Experience the difference of optimal humidity levels, customized settings, and ultra-quiet operation with the Elechomes UC5501 Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier, and indulge in the luxury of a truly comfortable living space.

No, the Elechomes UC5501 is not designed for use with essential oils. Adding oils to the water tank may damage the device and void the warranty.

The Elechomes UC5501 is suitable for rooms up to 750 square feet, making it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and other medium to large spaces in your home.

The runtime of the Elechomes UC5501 Humidifier depends on the mist output settings. On the lowest setting, the 6-liter tank can last up to 40 hours, while on the highest setting, it can last around 20 hours.

The Elechomes UC5501 Humidifier does not produce white dust when using distilled or filtered water, as it minimizes the presence of minerals that cause white dust. If you use tap water, which may contain a higher mineral content, you might experience some white dust. To prevent this, it is recommended to use distilled or filtered water.

Yes, the Elechomes UC5501 Humidifier is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Its advanced technology ensures that it consumes minimal energy while providing optimal performance, making it an eco-friendly choice for maintaining a comfortable home environment.

The Elechomes UC5501 features ultra-quiet operation, with a noise level below 32dB, ensuring minimal disturbance during sleep or daily activities.

Yes, the Elechomes UC5501 Humidifier comes with a 1-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind and protection against manufacturing defects.

While you can use hard water in the Elechomes UC5501, it is recommended to use distilled or filtered water to reduce the possibility of mineral buildup and white dust. Using hard water may also require more frequent cleaning to maintain optimal performance.

To set the timer function on the Elechomes UC5501, use the touch screen panel or remote control to select the desired duration, ranging from 1 to 12 hours. Once the selected time has elapsed, the humidifier will automatically shut off, ensuring energy efficiency and preventing the device from running when the water level is too low.


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